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                实用英语白话1000句 301

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                311. I'll call a taxi in case of need. 假如须要的话。

                翌日给我打电话好吗? 324. All I have to do is learn English. 我所要做的等于学英语,) 309. I have a lot of trouble with pronunciation. 我在发音方面碰到许多艰苦, 312. I have engaged a room at this hotel. 我在这个旅店里预订了一个房间, 313. He has read every book on the shelves. 书架上所有的书他都读过了, this is a complicated problem. 在格林老师看来, 318. Listening with your heart is good for you. 专心聆听别人讲话对你有好处, 316. I'm not going to put up with this. 我再也受不明晰 317. After breakfast, I'll get ready to go to work. 早饭后, 322. I am sick of always waiting for you. 我烦透了老是常常等你,这是迩来的路,我想做个飞行员, 307. Don't forget to put stamps on your letter. 别忘了在你的信(封)上贴邮票, 315. We are all in favor of this plan. 我们都附和这项方案,这是一个繁杂的问题。

                305. She was afraid that the dog would bite. 她惧怕这狗会咬人, 323. If you have time, 320. Please ask John to turn on the lights. 请奉告约翰把灯打开, 314. According to Mr. Green。

                will you call me tomorrow? 假如你有光阴, 325. The brain needs a continuous supply of blood. 大年夜脑须要继续的供血, 303. My brother wants to learn how to dance. 我的兄弟想学舞蹈, 321. I went to see a friend of mine. 我去走访了一位伴侣, 304. I used to get dressed quickly every morning. 天天凌晨我老是很快就穿好衣服, 319. I want to be a pilot of possible. 如可能的话, 306. Take the East Road; it's the shortest way. 走东边这条路吧, 301. Lumbering is very important in some underdeveloped countries. 在一些不蓬勃的国家,砍木业十分紧张, 310. She sent me a Christmas card last year. 去年她给我寄了一张圣诞卡,(我们被禁止在校园内抽烟,我就筹备起程去上班。

                , 308. We are prohibited from smoking on school grounds. 校园内禁止吸烟, 302. It was your turn to wash them yesterday. 昨天轮到你把它们洗洁净了,我会叫辆出租车。

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