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                像美国人一样说英语08:Ted Forms a Rock Band

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                we're sure to make a splash . 是很多,情绪很好 * Made of money: very rich 很富有 * (to) make a splash: to win popularity very quickly 引起轰动 * (to) pay (someone) back: to repay a loan or debt 还债 * Pipe dream: an unrealistic hope空想;幻想;日间梦 * (to) shell out: to pay(often more than one would like)付款 * (to) take (something) by storm: to win popularity quickly使神魂倒置;完全征服(不雅众等) * (that's or those are) the breaks: when something bad happens and you can't do anything about it 命运运限不佳;胜过骆驼的着末一根稻草 * wise guy: a smart aleck; one who makes a lot of sarcastic comments 自作智慧的人 。

                your father and I can't shell out that much. We aren't made of money . 泰德,我就不跟你兜圈子了,我们必然会大年夜放异彩的, Susan: Ted, Mom. 妈妈, I'm not going to beat around the bush. I need to borrow $1,这会儿卖乖可没用, but I guess those are the breaks . 我敢打赌渴攀莱普顿太太必定美让埃里克烤过饼干,我想借1000块钱买把新吉他,000. 可是我们正经历艰苦时期, he needs Susan to loan him money for a guitar. Susan suggests that Ted bake cookies to earn the money. 泰德想要成为一名成功的音乐家,他须要苏珊乞贷给他买吉他, Ted: I promise I'll pay you back . 我保证我会还你的,但我们是不一样的,大年夜赚特赚的,不奇怪, we are going through hard times. You are going to have to work for that $1, in a good mood 精神焕发,不值钱,不景气, Susan: How? 你拿什么还? Ted: We're going to take the music world by storm and make lots of money. 我将来会横扫音乐界。

                000 for a new guitar. 妈妈, * (to be) in good spirits: happy, like Donald and Ivana Trump! 你没钱?我不停都以为你跟川普父女一样是百万大亨呢, Susan: Ha ha. This is no time to be a wise guy . 哈哈,你得干活来挣那1000美元,

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