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                Bob: That's out of the question. At that price

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                it's not worth our while. The ingredients alone cost us 30 cents per cookie. 那不成能,要么放弃;要不要随你的便;不容讨价还价 * (to) twist one' arm: to persuade someone; to convince someone 说服 * Worth one's while: worthy of one'e effort or time 值得 ,你再不乐意就算了。

                I've had a chance to crunch some numbers. I can pay you 50 cents per cookie. 还行, okay。

                我们就没需要再枉费口舌进行评论辩论了,杀价;迫使对方接收苛刻前提 * (to)get the ball rolling: to get started 开始 * How's it going: how are you? 怎么样?比来可好? * (to) make a living: to earn enough money to support oneself 谋生 * Now you're talking: you're saying the right thing 这还差不久不多;这才像话 * Out of the question: impossible 不成能 * (to)sweeten the deal: to make an offer more attractive 给予更多好处 * take it or leave it: accept or reject an offer,我每块饼干乐意付50美分给你,鲍勃,卡罗尔, Carol: Okay,好吧。

                Bob: Now you're talking! We'll take it. 这还差不久不多。

                Bob. 鲍勃, usually a final one要么接收, Carol. How are you? 很好, Bob: That's out of the question. At that price,你说服我了,我们接收了,你好吗? Carol: Can't complain. Bob,那我加点价码吧,我每块饼干付你75美分,我找时机核算了下资源,卡罗尔和鲍勃评论辩论每块饼干鲍勃将收若干钱,你真会讨价还价,礼拜一早上九点给我送2000块饼干来, you've twisted my arm. I'll pay you 75 cents per cookie. Take it or leave it! 好吧, Carol: Hi Bob. How's it going? 嗨,如果这个价,我和我的妻子须要靠这个买卖糊口的。

                每块饼干60美分? Bob: Carol。

                Bob: Yes,进展若何? Bob: Fine thanks,仅仅食材一项每块饼干的资源就花了我们30美分,感谢, Carol: You drive a hard bargain, but we make a good cookie. 承让了, Lesson 11 Bob Drives a Hard Bargain 鲍勃艰巨的讨价还价 Carol from the village Market calls Bob to discuss Susan's Scrumptious Cookies. Carol and Bob discuss how much Bob will receive for each cookie. 卡罗尔从村庄子市场打电话给鲍勃评论辩论苏珊的适口饼干方面的问题,但我们的饼干做得好

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