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                像美国人一样说英语14:Amber and Ted Heat Up the Kitchen

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                I broke up with that girl Tiffany after I met you. 我也从一开始就对你入神了, Amber: Cookies, I need to keep working,别忘了, Amber. Don't forget。

                安布尔, I'll keep plugging away. . . I'm just your cookie slave. Go ahead, (Susan enters the kitchen) (苏珊走进厨房) Susan: Hey,把某人看得一钱不值,从我碰到你后, Amber: Come here and give me a kiss. 快来亲我一下, treat me like dirt! 不,但忽然之间。


                Ted: Give me a break, cookies, Amber: Ted。

                they're not alone! 安布尔和泰德在厨房里烤饼干。

                对吧? Ted: Amber。

                Ted: Sorry,我们得快速大年夜批制作饼干,他们无法独处(有人闯了进来), yeah。

                饼干,过来, what's going on in here? Are you two making cookies or making out? 嘿, Ted: I was nuts about you from the beginning too, yeah. . . 饼干。

                安布尔,轻渎某人 ,这里放什么什么事儿了?你们俩是在做饼干照样玩亲亲呢? 白话条记: * (to) break up with someone: to end a relationship with a romantic partner 分别 * (to) crank out: to produce rapidly or in a routine manner 迅速地大年夜量滥制;粗制滥造 * crunch time: a short period when there's high pressure to achieve a result 高压时期;要害时候 * give me a break: that's ridiculous; that's outrageous 饶了我吧;这太好笑了 * Go ahead: to continue; to proceed without hesitation 继承 * head over heels in love: very much in love 神魂倒置;沉溺于爱河中 * Love at first sight: an immediate attraction 一见钟情 * (to) make out: to kiss with much passion 柔情地接吻和抚摩;发生性行为(美国英语非正式) * (to be) nuts about: to like very much 狂热于 * (to have a ) one-track mind: having all thoughts directed to just one thing or activity 一根筋,我对你迷得神魂倒置了, Amber: You don't really love me,就去找她, yeah,我要坚持咬牙专一苦干,(唱歌)他一心只有饼干,饼干,但泰德奉告她他很忙。

                when I met you ,就爱好上你了, but you can take a break if you want. 安布尔,我第一眼看到你,怠慢某人,我是你帮你烤饼干的家丁。

                cookies---you've got a one-track mind. He loves cookies, Lesson 14 Amber and Ted Heat Up the Kitchen 安布尔和泰德让厨房升温 Amber and Ted are in the kitchen baking cookies. Amber asks Ted to give her a kiss,瞧不起某人,你就继承怠慢我吧,就跟蒂芙尼分别了。

                让我飞快地亲你一下, but Ted tells her he's too busy. Then he feels guilty and goes to her. But suddenly,我们这会儿可没光阴亲亲。

                你这个断念眼得家伙, Amber: No, do you? 你不是真的爱好我, it was love at first sight. 泰德,但你随时可以苏息,但现在恰是烤焙这些饼干的要害时候,断念眼 * (to) plug away (at something): to proceed with a boring or routine task; to keep trying 专一苦干;锲而不舍;坚强地致力于 * (to) treat (someone) like dirt: to behave in a nasty way towards someone视某人如草芥。

                I'm head over heels in love with you. But it's crunch time with these cookies. 安布尔,安布尔,耶耶耶.... Ted: Amber,随后泰德又认为忸怩,安布尔要求泰德亲她一下, Amber! We don't have time for that now. We need to crank out these cookies. 饶了我吧。

                Amber. Come here and let me give you a quick kiss. 对不起。

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