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                像美国人一样说英语15:Nicole Practices Her Election Speech

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                她和她母亲评论辩论了演讲内容, Nicole: Only practice will do the trick. 只有演习才有用,否则你会让听众对你掉去兴趣的, Lesson 15 Nicole Practices Her Election Speech 妮可演习竞选演讲 Nicole is running for student body president. She must give a speech next week. She discusses the speech with her mother. 妮可正在竞选门生会主席, Susan: No wonder you look like a basket case! Did you finish your speech? 难怪你看起来状态这么差!弄完演讲的事儿了吗? Nicole: Yes,弄到早上六点,我翌日要在1500人眼前演讲, Nicole: It sounds like I have a big head? 听起来会显得我很自豪自信年夜? Susan: I'll say! 当然了! 白话条记: * Basket case: someone or something in a useless or hopeless condition处于无助景况的人(或事);(国家或机构的)经济状况极差 [非正式] * (to have a) big head: arrogant; too proud of oneself 自傲, Nicole? 怎么了,我是很轻易首要的人, you have just one choice: me! 大年夜家下昼好, let's hear the speech. 好吧, definitely 当然 * in reality: in fact; actually 实际上;事实上 * Load off one's mind: a relief 松了一口气 * nervous wreck: a person feeling very worried 极端首要的人,精神高度首要的人 * No wonder: it's not surprising 难怪 * (to) pull an all-nighter: to stay up all night to do work 通宵事情 * Rule of thumb: a useful principle 履历轨则 * (to) turn off: to cause to feel dislike or revulsion 使(某人)厌烦(或沮丧),有四名候选人竞选门生会主席,大众立场,让我听听你的演讲吧,一样平常人的意见, it'll make you less nervous. 人们遍及觉得,自豪自信年夜 * Conventional wisdom: a widely held belief 遍及的见地,妮可? Nicole: I pulled an all-nighter working on my election speech. 我熬通宵筹备我的竞选演讲,这会缓解首要情绪, Susan: What's up。

                使掉去兴趣(或热心), at 6 a.m. 弄完了, Susan: That must be a load off your mind! 那你必然松了口气。

                Susan: Okay,你们只有一个选择:那等于我! Susan: You can't say that. You'll turn off your audience immediately. 你不能那么说,大年夜众意见,他要鄙人周揭橥演讲, Susan: Just remember the old rule of thumb: Imagine your audience naked. 记着那条履历轨则:想象每个听众都光溜溜的, Nicole: Good afternoon。

                Nicole: It's not. I've got to give the speech tomorrow in front of 1500 people. I'm a nervous wreck! 然而并没有, Nicole: That's gross. Why would I want to do that? 太恶心了吧, everyone. There are four candidates running for president. You think you have several choices. In reality,你们觉得你们选择很多,(社会上的)传统不雅念 * (to) do the trick: to achieve the desired results 达到目的;达到(预期的)效果;完成某项义务;得到成功 * I'll say: yes。

                使不喜欢 * What's up?: what's going on? what' new? 近况若何?有什么新鲜事? ,我干嘛要那么做? Susan: According to conventional wisdom,但事实上。

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