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                像美国人一样说英语16:Bob Brings the Cookies to the Village

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                Bob: Okay. Just give me a ring as soon as you know. 好的。

                感谢你亲身给我送饼干来, but we're getting the hang of it. 一开始有点慢,最初 * (to) get the hang of (something): to learn how to do something; to acquire an effective technique 掌握了的方法;得知的秘诀;找到了诀窍;进入状态 * (to) give (someone) a ring: to telephone someone 打电话给某人 * In any case: whatever the fact is; certainly 不管怎么说 * In person: personally; in one's physical presence 亲身 * (to) keep posted: to provide up-to-date information 及时申报 * (to) learn the ropes: to learn the basics摸到门道;认识某一行业;懂得底细 * pain in the neck: an annoyance 头痛的事 * Piece of cake: very easy 很简单 * (to) round up: to gather people together 使集合。

                it seems to have been there always第二天性;习惯;老习气 * to tell you the truth: to speak openly; to admit 说实话;老实奉告你 * Your guess is as good as mine: I don't know; I don't know anymore than you do 我也不知道;我和你一样不知道 ,烤饼干并不难,但我们设法调集了一些协助, and it was a piece of cake. 实话跟你说,也有可能卖2000块, thanks for coming in person with the cookies. 嗯,我会及时看护你的,他奉告卡罗尔, Carol: Well。

                how did the baking go? 鲍勃, maybe 2000. Your guess is as good as mine. In any case,由于他有很多协助。


                但我们已经进入了状态,然后就小菜一碟啦, 白话条记: * At first: in the beginning 一开始,不管怎么说,我跟你一样都不知道, Carol: Bob, Bob: No problem. When will you need more? 别虚心, I thought that baking 2000 cookies would be a pain in the neck. But we managed to round up some helpers,我以为烤2000块饼干会让人很苦楚, Carol: Once you learn the ropes,你饼干烤得若何了? Bob: Slow at first , Lesson 16 Bob Brings the Cookies to the Village Market 鲍勃带饼干去村庄子市场 Bob brings Carol the cookies. He tells Carol that baking the cookies was easy because he had lots of help. 鲍勃给卡罗尔带来了饼干, I'll keep you posted. 可能卖500块,你何时再订更多饼干? Carol: It depends on how many we sell today. 那要取决于我不日卖了若干,你一确定就打电话给我, Bob: How many do you think you'll sell? 你觉得你会卖若干? Carol: Maybe 500,聚拢 * second nature: a behavior that has been practiced for so long, it becomes second nature. 一旦你掌握了诀窍, Bob: To tell you the truth。

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