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                像美国人一样说英语18:Everyone Bakes Cookies

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                开始付诸行径 * (to) help out: to give assistance; to help帮忙...开脱艰苦 * (to) lend a hand: to help 副手;搭把手 * (to) lighten up: to stop taking things so seriously 放松点 * Night owl: a person who enjoys being active late at night很晚睡觉的人,权贵 * (to) fool around: to waste time,妮可说她太忙了,以是她不介意熬夜的, Lesson 18 Everyone Bakes Cookies 大年夜家都来烤饼干 Bob tells his family the cookies are selling well. He asks his kids to help bake more cookies for tomorrow. Nicole says she's too busy to lend a hand. 鲍勃奉告他的家人饼干卖得异常好。

                好逸恶劳 * (to) get on one's nerves: to annoy or irratate someone 令人不安,帮不上忙, Ted: Way to go,到翌日早上,别再混闹了,她真的是个夜猫子, kids, big shot! You're running for high school president, Nicole: Bake cookies the night before the elections? Nothing doing! 在竞选前一晚烤饼干?绝对不行, Nicole: Ted,又不是美国总统, Bob: Okay,我也须要你的帮忙,引人烦 * (to) get the show on the road: to start working; to begin an undertaking 开始事情,夜猫子, let's stop fooling around. We need to get the show on the road! 好了,熬夜 * Way to go: good work! 做得好! , or spend it in a silly way 闲荡, so she won't mind staying up late. 安布尔和我会副手的。

                Dad! 干得好, Bob: The cookies are selling like hotcakes! 饼干异常抢手。

                大年夜人物!你竞选的是高中门生会主席,绝对不行 * (to) sell like hotcakes: to sell fast; to be a popular item 异常抢手;热卖 * (to) stay up: not to go to bed; to stay awake不去睡觉, not President of the United States. 放轻松。

                we'll need your help too. 妮可, Bob: Nicole, Nicole: One thousand by tomorrow morning? That's impossible! 翌日早上前烤1000块饼干?这根本不成能! Ted: Amber and I will lend a hand. She's a real night owl,我们还须要烤1000块饼干,我们得开始事情了, you really get on my nerves sometimes. 泰德,爸爸。


                白话条记: * Big shot: a powerful or important person大年夜人物, Bob: I need you kids to help out tonight with the cookies. We need another thousand by morning. 我须要你们这些孩子今晚副手烤饼干,你无意偶尔太让烦人了,他请他的孩子们副手为翌日烤更多饼干。

                Ted: Lighten up,熬夜的人 * Nothing doing: not a chance! 门都没有。

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