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                像美国人一样说英语19:Nicole's Close Election

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                安德里亚灼烁正大年夜地赢得了角逐, I just don't know where I went wrong. 我只是不知道问题出在哪儿了。

                very narrowly; by a small amount 差一点儿。

                放洋相 * (to) mess up: to make a mistake; to spoil an opportunity 掉足,她接收不了这个现实, Nicole: It's your fault, Lesson 19 Nicole's Close Election 妮可历经旗敌相称的选举 Nicole loses the election at school. She doesn't want to accept it, take a chocolate chip cookie. That'll cheer you up for sure! 来。

                so she looks for excuses. Ted encourages her to accept defeat and move on. 妮可在黉舍的选举中掉利,面对现实吧,你输了就输了, Susan: Here, Nicole. You lost. Live with it! 你得了吧, Nicole. Face it, Nicole. 现实点, 白话条记: * By a hair: just barely,抑徊

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