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                Susan: Hello? 你好? Donna: Good afternoon. Are you Susan

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                饼干都是在厨房做的, Lesson 21 Susan Gets a Surprise Call 苏珊接到一个意外的电话 Donna from the National Cookie Company calls Susan. She wants to buy out Susan's Scrumptious Cookies. Susan is very happy. 国夷易近饼干公司的唐娜给苏珊打来了电话, of Susan's Scrumptious Cookies? 下昼好,我们完弗成你想要的量, and I'm calling from the National Cookie Company. We're nuts about your cookies,等他回来。

                Donna: My name is Donna Jenkins,我会让他跟你联系的,他是营业经理,是从国夷易近饼干公司打来的电话,我们只是小本经营, Donna: Great. You just made my day! 太棒了!听你这么说我太开心了! Susan: You'll need to work out the nuts and bolts of the agreement with my husband. He's the business manager. 你须要和我丈夫敲定协议的详细细节,你是苏珊的适口饼干的苏珊吗? Susan: Yes,给带来幸福;使某人很兴奋 * (to be) nuts about: to like very much 狂热于 * Nuts and bolts: details; basic components of sth 详细细节 * On a shoestring: on a very low budget 小本经营;资金有限 * Track record: a record of achievements or performances (人、团体等在某方面的)成绩记录;经验;体现记录 * (to) work out: to find a solution; to resolve 治理 , Donna: My company wants to buy the recipe and the brand name from you. 我的公司是想从你那里购买配方和品牌名称, we're running on a shoestring out of our kitchen. We can't make enough cookies for you. 很不幸的是,我是苏珊的适口饼干的苏珊,想将你的饼干贩卖到全国各地, 白话条记: * All over: throughout; everywhere 到处 * (to) buy out: to purchase an entire business or someone's share of a business 买下的整个产权;买断(出钱使放弃职位地方) * (to) come to an agreement: to reach an agreement 杀青协议 * In that case: under that circumstance 假如是那样的话 * (to be or to get) in touch with (someone): to be or to get in contact with someone 联系某人 * (to) look forward to: to anticipate eagerly 期待 * (to) make one's day: to give one great satisfaction 使知足。

                Susan: Oh yeah? Why would you want to do that? 哦, Susan:In that case,苏珊异常开心, Donna: Good. I look forward to speaking with him. 好的。

                and we'd like to sell them all over the country. 我叫唐娜詹金斯,我们异常爱好你的饼干,她想买断苏珊的适口饼干, Susan: Unfortunately, I'm sure we can come to an agreement. 既然如斯。

                我想我们可以杀青协议,很期待跟他沟通, Donna: May I speak with him now? 我现在能跟他通话吗? Susan: He is at a meeting. I'll have him get in touch with you when he returns. 他正在开会, I am. 是的,是吗?为什么你想那么做呢? Donna: We have a successful track record of buying small companies and turning them into big ones. 我们也有购买小公司然后将其做大年夜的成功记录, Susan: Hello? 你好? Donna: Good afternoon. Are you Susan。

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