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                像美国人一样说英语22:Susan Shares the Good News

                www.a2137.cn 发布时间:2019年03月28日 16:53 来源:www.a2137.cn 手机版

                Susan:What's the matter,国夷易近饼干公司想买断苏珊的适口饼干,我们不再须要村庄子市场了, Bob: Susan, Susan: Bob,这是个贪图成真的时候, Bob? 怎么了, this is a dream come true. It looks like we've struck it rich! 苏珊, 白话条记: * Better off: in a more fortunate position 经济状况好;生活较良好;渐入佳境;最好 * (to) buy out: to purchase an entire business or someone's share of a business 买下的整个产权;买断(出钱使放弃职位地方) * cup of tea: the type of person or thing one generally likes 喜欢的事物;中意的人(本片语老是用在否定句中) * Dragon lady: a nasty woman who misuses her power 母夜叉;母老虎;凶女人;傲慢猖或残忍的妇女;冷淡无情、爱寻衅滋事的有权势的女人 * (to) get it: to understand 理解 * it looks like: it's likely that 宛如;彷佛 * no laughing matter: nothing to joke about; something serious 正经事;不是闹着玩的;非同小可 * nothing to do with (someone or something): not have any relationship with someone; to not get involved with sth 与无关 * rolling in dough: very rich 很富有;日进斗金;财源滚滚 * (to) sell like hotcakes: to sell fast; to be a popular item 异常抢手;热卖 * (to) strike it rich: to attain sudden financial success 发横财;行运 * that's the way the cookie crumbles: that's the way things go sometimes and there's nothing you can do about it (常指在不盼望呈现但又无法改变的情形下)工作就这样了;无法可想;无计可施;生米已成熟饭;事已定局, Bob: She's not my cup of tea either,好吧, Bob: Dear。

                Bob: Why not? 为什么不须要了? Susan: The National Cookie Company called. They want to buy out our business. 国夷易近饼干公司打电话给我了,无可变换 , Susan: Oh well. That's the way the cookie crumbles. Ha ha. Get it? 哦。




                Susan: Why not? They're selling like hotcakes! 为什么呢?饼干卖得异常好

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