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                * Not on your life: definitely not 绝对不行

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                I finally got rid of her. 她上班时喝酒,吃块饼干吧, three sheets to the wind. Yesterday, Peter: So you'll come back and work for me? 那你回来给我事情吗? Bob: Not on your life! Susan and I are very well off now. We just sold our new company for a small fortune! 你别想了!苏珊和我现在有钱了, it burned me up. But I feel better now. 完全不存在, 后悔也是徒然,很开心见你没有埋怨情绪, Peter: Thanks. I'm glad to see you're not holding a grudge against me for firing you. 感谢,你就用这么个天天在上班时喝得烂醉的疯女人取代了我(把我炒了)? Peter: Yeah,最初 * (to) burn someone up: to make someone angry 激怒,你想不想挽回原来的事情? Bob: What happened to your wonderful new manager? 你阿谁杰出的新经理出什么事儿了? Peter: She drank at work. By five o'clock, Bob: Let me get this straight. You replaced me with some crazy woman who got plastered every day on the job? 那请恕我直言,鲍勃, Bob: Come on in. Take a cookie. 进来吧。

                喝得酩酊大年夜醉, 白话条记: * At first: in the beginning 一开始,你休想 * On the job: at work 在事情 * Small fortune: a good amount of money 一大年夜笔钱;巨款 * (to) stop by: to pay a quick visit 串门 * Three sheets to the wind: drunk 喝醉的;酩酊大年夜醉 * Well off: wealthy, from the furniture store, 后悔也是徒然,我就跟你说实话吧,丧掉落 * (to) get (something) straight: to clarify; to understand 讲清楚;弄清楚;搞明白;恕我直言 * (to) hold a grudge against (someone): to stay angry with someone about a past offense 对某人挟恨在心 * (to) let (someone) go: to fire; dismiss employees 开除某人 * (to) level with (someone): to speak openly and honestly with someone 对说实话;直言相对 * (to) lose one's head: to lose control of one's behavior; to not know what one is doing 掉去理智;慌张掉措;冲动;没主见 * No hard feelings: no anger; no bitterness 没有埋怨情绪;无恶感 * No use crying over spilt milk: there's no point in regretting something that's too late to change 反水不收;事已如斯, I'm trying to level with you. I never should've let you go. 鲍勃, Peter: Hi Bob. I was just in the neighborhood so I thought I'd stop by. 嗨,一开始, Lesson 23 Bob Has a Surprise Visitor 鲍勃故意外来客 Bob's former boss Peter。


                Bob: No use crying over spilt milk. 事已如斯。

                but Bob's not interested. 鲍勃的前老板、家私店的皮特上门来走访, Bob: I don't think you lost your head. I just think you've got rocks in your head! 我可不感觉你是昏头了,但现在我没那么气愤了,但鲍勃不感兴趣,我很开心看到你没有由于我开除你而对我挟恨在心,富饶的 , financially secure 富有的, I lost my head. 是的,我恰恰在相近就想顺便来走访一下, * Not on your life: definitely not 绝对不行,我们刚刚以不菲的价钱卖掉落了我们的新公司,昨天, Bob: Not at all. At first,使大年夜怒 * Come on in: enter 进来吧 * (to) get plastered: to get drunk 喝醉 * (to) get rid of: to free oneself of; to throw out 开脱,撤除,我昏头了,我不该开除你的,我只是感觉你头脑有

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