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                像美国人一样说英语24:Amber Writes a Song

                www.a2137.cn 发布时间:2019年03月28日 16:54 来源:www.a2137.cn 手机版

                我真的写了一首歌, Ted: Well, I hope they'll love my songs too. 嗯。

                Ted: Okay, Amber: Ted,算了 * First things first: let's focus on the most important thing or task first 要紧的事先做, Amber: Okay, I have. 写了, Amber: Well,实际上 * (to) buy (some) time: to make more time available (in order to achieve a certain purpose) 迁延光阴 * (to) chill out: to relax 沉着点。

                Ted: But you don't write songs! 但你不写歌

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