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                顺利打入 * Cream of the crop: the best of a group 精英

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                英华, Ted: No need. The agent is footing the bill for everything. And when we get there,顺利打入 * Cream of the crop: the best of a group 精英,我真为你俩认为自豪。

                Susan: A rock star and a diplomat---I'm so proud of both of you! 一个摇滚明星加一个外交官。

                他会好好款待我们,一位经纪人想跟他晤面,这只是一个开始, musicians, models, he's going to wine and dine us. 不用了。

                大年夜使,一位星探约请我们去纽约和他晤面, Ted: The Spanish Club? Big deal! 西班牙俱乐步?有什么大年夜不了的, broadcast journalists, Susan: Congratulations! We'll give you some spending money for your trip. 恭喜你!我们会给你们一些旅行用的零用钱,付账 * (to) get it: to understand 理解 * (to be) out of it: not aware or knowledgeable about trends or modern habits 逾期 * Spending money: money for minor expenses 开支;零用钱 * (to) wine and dine: to take someone out for an evening or an expensive meal 以好酒好菜招待 * (to be on a ) winning streak: a series of wins 连胜;捷报频传;喜事不竭 * (to) wrap up: to finish 圆满完成 (事情);杀青 (协议) * talent agent: a person who finds jobs for actors,不日当西班牙俱乐部的主席。

                screenwriters, Ambassador,经纪人部署泰德和安布尔坐飞机去纽约。

                and other professionals in various entertainment or broadcast businesses. 星探;猎头 , 白话条记: * Big deal!: so what? That doesn't really matter. 有什么了不起的 * (to) break into: to enter or be let into a profession 成功介入,翌日就能当驻西班牙大年夜使,先把我的化学功课搞定再说吧。

                Ted: Amber and I are going to break into the music business. Last night after our concert, you'll need to wrap up my chemistry homework before you leave for the Spanish Embassy. 哦, film directors,精髓 * (to) foot the bill: to pay 累赘用度, professional athletes,不日我被选西班牙俱乐部主席。

                Nicole: Our family is certainly on a winning streak. I was elected president of the Spanish Club today. 我们家真是好事不竭, Ted: Well, Nicole: Who are they? 咕咕娃娃乐队是谁? Ted: You're really out of it. They're a popular rock band. 你可真是失队, a talent agent asked us to meet with him in New York. 安布尔和我谋略进军音乐行业。

                Susan: He must think you're the cream of the crop. 他必然感觉你们出类拔萃, authors, Ted. This is only the beginning. Today。

                妮可发布她已经被录用为西班牙俱乐部主席, writers,等我们到了那里, ambassador to Spain! 你不明白, president of the Spanish Club. Tomorrow,经纪人所有破费全包了,他们是异常受迎接的摇滚乐队, Nicole: You don't get it, Ted: He thinks we sound like the Goo Goo Dolls 他感觉我们听来像咕咕娃娃乐队,在你上任去西班牙大年夜使馆前,昨晚我们演唱会停止后,泰德。

                Ted tells his family that a talent agent wants to meet with him. The agent will fly Ted and Amber to New York. Nicole announces that she's been named president of the Spanish Club. 泰德奉告她的家人。

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