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                but the line was busy. 我想给你打电话

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                683. I hope they will not cause you too much trouble. 盼望他们不会给你添太多麻烦, ready to teach him a lesson. 他怒视着比尔。

                696. Of course I want to know what your opinion is. 当然。

                我还仍旧爱她, a rabbit came out of the hole. 忽然, 692. What kind of climate do you have in this country? 你们国家的气候若何? 693. I went to sleep immediately and slept soundly all night. 我一躺下就睡着了,它就在你左手边, especially when you are trying to sleep. 噪音很令人憎恶, 681. I'll still love her even if she doesn't love me. 纵然她不爱我。

                约翰在打电话, she said. 她说:我如果早点知道这个规矩就好了,都是明净的, 687. Only by working hard can we succeed in doing everything. 只有努力拼搏, 697. I had to sit up all night writing the report. 我只得熬夜写申报, , 684. And now medical care helps to keep people alive longer. 现在的医疗保健使得人更长命。

                685. She insists that it doesn't make any difference to her. 她坚称这对她没有任何影响。

                700. While we were having breakfast, 682. All at once, John was talking on the telephone. 我们在吃早饭的时刻, 678. Go along the corridor and it's on your right side. 沿著走廊走, 676. A man is accounted innocent until he is proven guilty. 一小我在被证实有罪之前, but the line was busy. 我想给你打电话, 698. I want an apartment with two bedrooms and a kitchen. 我想要一套有两间睡房和一个厨房的公寓,一只兔子从一个洞里钻了出来, 691. I believe I haven't reached the summit of my career. 我信托我的奇迹还未达到顶峰(还有成长空间),筹备教训他一顿,由于我要买几件衣服 689. Would you like to arrange for a personal interview? 你乐意部署私人会见吗? 690. I tried to call you。

                695. He has earned a lot of money in this month. 这个月他赚了很多钱,尤其是当你想睡觉的时刻,我想知道你有什么意见, 679. Where were you during the month of April last year? 去年四月份你在哪里? 680. I'm hoping to spend a few days in the mountains. 我盼望去山区住几天, 686. You forget to write down the date of your departure. 您忘怀填写退房日期了, 677. I wish I'd known about that rule earlier, 699. Noise is unpleasant, 694. He glared at Bill, 688. I'm going shopping because I need to buy some clothes. 我要去购物,然则占线,而且睡得很好,我们才能做好每一件事。

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