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                有大年夜点的吗? 775. My brother used to speak French to me all the time. 我的哥哥老是习气跟我讲法语,六点钟就起床了。

                774. This is too small for me. Do you have a bigger one? 这个对我来说太小了。

                768. The police had to employ force to break up the crowd. 警察不得不动用武力来驱散人群, 755. I dress my sister and wash her hands and face. 我给我妹妹穿衣服, 757. The old lady enjoys a quiet life with her family. 那位老太太和她的家人过着恬静的生活,我从早上不停事情到深夜, 767. So you'll come then. Please phone in if you can't make it. 那么你就那时来吧, I worked from early morning until late at night. 是的, 752. Yes,但我不会把写作作为我的职业,假如来不了,请给我打个电话, 753. I really think a little exercise would do you good. 我感觉做点运动真的会对你有好处。

                they really do exist. 虽然我们看不见原子, 771. I was born in China and brought up in the U.S.A. 我在中国诞生, 754. By the time we got there, 758. You should always depend on yourself rather than someone else. 你应该靠自己, 751. I woke up early and got up at 6 o'clock. 我醒得很早,还给她洗脸洗手, 772. I like writing。

                756. Although we can't see these atoms, you won't pass it. 纵然你再考一次, , 766. It is no matter whether you get there early or late. 你早到晚到都没有关系。

                761. It's difficult to make a decision without knowing all the facts. 不懂得整个事实, 763. I will never forget the days that I spent with you. 我永世不会忘怀和你在一路的韶光,很难作抉择,戏已经开始了,但它们确凿存在。

                773. I was born in a little town not far from here. 我诞生在离这儿不远的一个小城镇, the play had already begun. 我们到那儿时, 769. Even if you take the exam again, 770. I cannot express how glad I am to hear from him. 收到他的来信我有多开心,而不是靠别人。

                你也考不过, 764. How much do you know about the works of George Eliot? 乔治?艾略特的作品你懂得若干? 765. On Sundays I often spend some time reading in the library. 礼拜天我常常在藏书楼里看些书,在美国长大年夜, 759. Would you please go to a dancing party with me? 你能和我一路去参加舞会吗? 760. He gave me a chest X-ray and took my blood pressure. 他给我做了X光胸透并量了血压,我无法表达, but I wouldn't take it as my career. 我爱好写作, 762. We used to go to the movies about once a week. 我们平日大年夜约每周去看一次片子。

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