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                but he didn't agree. 我觉得这是个合理的建议

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                请给我一把洁净的, 810. A group of us went out to the theater last night. 昨晚我们一帮人去看剧了,又不挥霍别人的光阴,但他不合意。

                好吗? 818. There's going to be a pottery exhibition at the art gallery. 美术馆将举办一个陶艺展览,再吃一口就要把肚子撑破了, go dancing or go to cinema? 你乐意去舞蹈, 821. I find classical concerts more to my liking than rock concerts. 我发明古典音乐会比摇滚音乐更合我意,叨教邮局怎么走? 816. Can you tell me the phone number of the inquiry office? 您能奉告我问讯处的电话号码是若干吗? 817. This knife is dirty. Would you bring me a clean one, 802. If I have enough money, 809. I'll finish working at 5:30 and get home by 6 o'clock. 我将在五点三十分放工, she went to the shop. 只管下着大年夜雨,照样去看片子? 807. I have to drop by the bank to get some money. 我得去银行取些钱, 824. On being introduced to somebody,打扰一下,我筹备出国旅行一次, 804. I thought it was a reasonable proposal,但他看上去照样很结实,我有点事,不过你现在和曩昔一样标致,但总扣不上, 819. He tries to button his own shirt, he was pretending to be ill. 实际上, 822. As a matter of fact,六点钟到家, 820. Tom and Mary congratulated us on the birth of our daughter. 汤姆和玛丽祝我们喜得爱女。

                but you look as pretty now, 814. Although my uncle is old, 813. That was the third time that I had visited the place. 那是我第三次参不雅那地方了,他是在装

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