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                he would not be in hospital now. 要不是他把牙弄坏了

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                你不会找不到的, have one thing in common. 虽然所有这些器械看上去各不相同, 953. I'm certain he'll go to see the film。

                because he's bought a ticket. 我敢必定他会去看片子,你要先付清罚款, 955. In the west of America, 962. Her rich experience gave her an advantage over other applicants for the job. 她丰厚的履历让她比其他求职者更有上风, 958. Yet all these things,但她不想这么早娶亲, I had to do it all alone. 由于没有人帮忙我, 973. Will you please try to find out for me what time the train arrives? 能不能请你帮我查查这趟火车什么时刻到站? 974. If she finds out you spilled ink on her coat, 952. The cupboards in her kitchen were full of things she did not need. 她厨房的橱柜中放满了她不须要的器械, 967. There being no one to help me。

                969. I would have had a much better holiday if I had stayed at home. 如果我呆在家里的话, 966. Go on for about 100 meters. It's on your left side. You can't miss it. 往前走约100米,已经长成一位标致的大年夜姑娘了。

                我不得不独自做这件事,由于他都买好票了,但着实他是个傻瓜,就在你左手边, 970. If he had not broken his tooth, 965. You look like a million dollars. /You look outstanding. /You look like a movie star. 你看上去帅呆了!/ 你很杰出!/你看起来(好看得)像个片子明星。

                951. If you really want my advice I don't think you should quit school. 假如你真想听我的意见, 954. If I had got enough money yesterday,但却有一个合营点, she'll blow her stack. 假如她发明你在她上衣上洒了墨水, but she doesn't want to get married so early. 她很爱好迈克。

                959. I don't think it's necessary for us to discuss this question any further. 我觉得我们没有需要再进一步评论辩论这个问题, 956. Why don't you find a job and end this dependence upon your parents? 你为何不找个事情。

                964. Politicians should not engage in business affairs that might affect their political judgement. 政治家不应该介入可能影响他们政治判断的商业事务。

                他现在也不会在病院了, 960. The scenery is very beautiful in the small islands in the Pacific Oceans. 宁靖洋上一些小岛的风景十分柔美。

                there are many high peaks and deep canyons. 在美国西部,在你借书之前, 971. How long does it take for a letter to get to America from Beijing? 从北京寄一封信到美国要花多长光阴? 972. She likes Mike a lot, different as they seem,我觉得你不应该退学,不再寄托你的父母呢? 957. My daughter is 18 years old and has grown into a beautiful lady. 我的女儿18岁了, I would have bought that tape. 假如我昨天钱够的话, 963. We were greatly aided in our investigation by the cooperation of the police. 我们在查询走访历程中中获得警方的大年夜力赞助。

                漫衍有许多高峰和幽谷,她会大年夜发性格的, 968. I supposed him to be very clever but he was in fact a fool. 我原以为他很智慧。

                he would not be in hospital now. 要不是他把牙弄坏了。

                我就买了那盒磁带了, 961. Unfortunately you'll have to pay the fine before you check those books out. 不美意思,假期会好过的多, 975. Why don't you put an advertisement in the paper to sell that old car. 为何不在报上登个广告卖你那辆旧车呢? 。

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